Getting your ducks in a row… Well sort of.


So this week I have been exposed to a very untidy, disorganized, dirty office. I actually want to shower every hour. How can you work and be productive with the place strewn with papers and totally disorganization, it’s a mess.

So this weekend, I went on a de-clutter of the house. Not that we are hoarders of any sorts. So I discovered one sound system that we have in the cupboard, we replaced our sound system in our TV room about a year back. So I sold this unused one by putting an ad online.

I have also cleared out all the other stuff that is not going to be used or we don’t want anymore. The say that if you de clutter you also clear your mind.

William and I also tackled the outside studio room. We use this as a dumping ground for boxes, and general junk. All cleared out and it now looks very inviting. It’s actually a place we never use.

So it feel good to have got our ducks in a row, and I am ducking away from a very over enthusiastic wannabe photographer. Nothing bad or sordid, but it’s hard to feel comfortable with lenses been watching you when you don’t expect it. Had another butt photo taken of me this morning when I was in the bathroom….. Oh well all good fun.


This seems to be best so far of Bella sleeping.

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