For those who cannot speak.


So many people cannot speak, they have been silenced. They may be too scared to talk, or too young. Some countries don’t have freedom of speech. I am not talking about people talking about politics, expressing there view points, or options. I am talking about people who cannot talk about the abuse or violence they are being subjected to. Children are taught to be silenced, women who are too afraid to speak up.

Many children are exposed to violence and abuse in the home. It can be physical, mental or worse sexual abuse. They have been silenced and have to endure abuse by the hands of older children or more likely, by fully grown adults, men and women. Many of us have had happy normal childhoods, with some emotional scarring, but our parent or parents did the best they could. Raising a child to me is the hardest challenging job we can do. You are responsible for that infant, child, teenager, young adult to adult, for your entire life. It’s so worth it.

But we don’t always see or hear about the children who are in harms way. It saddens me, makes me angry that these children cannot defend themselves. There are many reasons, drug abuse, alcohol addiction, that cause this abuse. I don’t care what the reason is, its just not acceptable. The abuse can go on for many years, and any form of violence or violation of children is WRONG. How can an adult do this to a small innocent child?

Many women are been silenced, in the name of religion , by the hands of someone close to to them, a husband, boyfriend, even by family members.
You may say, but they can leave they have a choice or are adults. Well yes, maybe they should leave. However some cannot leave due to lack of financial means, or are just too scared. They have been programmed to accept this abuse as been normal. They live in fear, fear for the own lives and maybe the lives of there own children.
It’s also not just women, many men are in abusive relationship, but men have been brought up to be tough and to be the protective one. For many men, they are silenced due to society and if they do speak up, society may think them weak.

Now don’t be a super hero and try to rescue anyone been abused, you may be putting yourself in harms way. But don’t be silent, get professional organizations involved, child welfare, what ever you can do, DO IT.

I have always been a person who picks the weakest puppy, the kitten that is on deaths door, maybe I want to rescue the world. It’s not that I pick on the weak so that I can be controlling over them, it’s the opposite. I see hope, I believe that animals who others may see as weak, unfit, are the truly the strong ones, if you give them a change. At to be honest, animals also cannot talk, and may also be exposed to abuse by the hands of someone else.

Lastly, children who are orphaned, in the system of child welfare may be out of harms way, but they also need a change. I wish the adoption requirements who’d easy up on single parents, and gay people. If you are able to offer a child a safe healthy home, meet all the requirement for adoption, why are children been denied a change. We also cannot let children be adopted, and they land back in an abuse home.


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