How different are we.

So only in the movies do you see people sleeping together in each other arms.
In reality or in my world it’s so different, it’s more like sleeping on opposite sides.
William does not feel the cold, were I do, so I am a pajamas boy

William is not…..

He prefers sleeping in his underwear or sometimes commando in the summer.

I don’t sleep well at the best of times, and our two cats ensure that I am up early to open the kitchen door, fill the milk bowl. William does battle to fall asleep, however he then goes into a dead sleep. Now in winter, my side of the bed is covered in blanket, duvet and I also have the electric under blanket on. In winter our one cat migrates to our bedroom and sleeps on the bed with us. He also does not like the cold.


We recently got a bigger bed and I got a huge feather and down duvet. It’s heavenly, as I cannot sleep unless I have something covering me. William also likes this new duvet as he says it’s not as heavy as the prior one.

So it’s actually a miracle that we both get sleep as we are so different in our sleep wear, sleep habit etc… We don’t always just sleep…..

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