William did not remember….or so I thought


In prior posts I have said that William does not always notice things, he can be a tad forgetful.

So I woke up this morning nothing different in the routine, so I think, he has forgotten today is the anniversary day. I just wait for the morning coffee, which arrives and then the bath is turned on.
Then out of the blue my picture is taken of me still in bed. You see me of little faith, William did remember and I was given an amazing camera. I have wanted a good camera for awhile, but as we have a very faithful KODAK that has travelled with us for a number of years never priorities this.

This is what I emailed William:

With all my heart, mind and soul, I pledge to expand the canvas of our lives. Walking together, laughing or crying, we will unravel this complicated world together, making the journey for each other safe and always worth it. I choose you to be the person I will spend my life with.


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