We’re do I fit in. I felt like an outsider…..


Growing up I did not fit in, I was an athlete , short distance. And I am short legged, I am not a tall man. But on the track I got lost in running, and not always winning but I alone, I have never really been a team person.

After graduation, I never really fitted in at work, battled to feel comfortable with friends, gay and straight, I never felt I fitted in.

I did feel comfortable with my immediate family, but still were did I belong. I was never going to carry the family name. I was lost. All I wanted was to be myself.

The one thing I have wanted more than anything was my own home. I moved to my first apartment just after I started working. It’s was my own as my parents have believed that you must buy property.
It was a a very small studio apartment, but it was home. I loved that first home. Never did I dream that my one wish was for a house, would ever realize. It’s did I was finally home and knew I belonged. It’s taken me along time to accept that I am different, I DON’T have to fit in we’re I am not comfortable. Being me is my own destiny, it’s taken many years for me to accept, I don’t always fit in with other people, I don’t have to. I try to not go to places were I may not feel uncomfortable. I have a choice, why did it take me so long to realize this.

Below is a picture of my eldest cat. Pure love.



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