Our shoes, our paths.



After reading some blogs, it seems we are are all some facing challenges, some good some not so good.

Can’t go running because the weather is bad, having problems with your family, relationship issues, work challenges to just name a few. We can give advice, guidance and to me the best we can do is just LISTEN and be a friend to that person. Nobody knows what we may be dealing with as they are not wearing our shoes. We can relate, but we cannot say ” I know exactly how you feel”. We don’t, we can try however to understand and be the person who is just going to listen and support you. Don’t judge, don’t try to fix the situation, just give your 100% attention, that’s all I think we can do. Don’t focus on yourself, it’s not always about us.

Hate speech in any form is destroying us. Bullies do not rule the world. We may be judged, but that does not give us the right to judge others. Violence does not resolve anything. I am not sure what the answers are, but as the infamous Ellen says at the end of her show, “BE KIND TO ONE ANOTHER”.

We face many challenges in life, some good and some not so. We may not always agree with each other choices or decisions, but lets be honest some of our decisions and choices we may have made, may not have always be the best for us.

It’s our path that we follow, enjoy your own life, and if we lucky we will be have the support of others as we put on our own shoes and start walking, and maybe even run.


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