What defines us….


Is this the same guy in the pictures?

I am currently working in a very different environment than what I am use to, so its been interesting watching the people around me.

Got me thinking, what defines us. Now there is a woman were I am currently working, who hold a senior position, but to be honest it’s just a fancy job title she put on her e-mails. This job title definitely defies who she is, or thinks she is. When she leaves she is a non titled citizen like us all. However for her, life seems to revolve around her work. Long hours and for whatever reason that is, she is only her title. Now she is a mother and a wife as well. This does not seem to be as important as her role that she plays at work. Each weekend she is at the office or working from home. I personal think she is looking for acceptance or filling a huge void in her life. Its sad. But that is who she is or is she really.

Now does a job title define us NO! we are many facets, I am a son, a brother, an uncle, a grandson, a partner, a lover, a professional person, a neighbour, a friend, and I am also Gay!

Now what do we seem to focus on only one spectrum of a person, and unfortunately it’s usually that I am GAY!
I have so many different talents, personality traits, etc beside the one small detail. But I am defined by that one fact, and we also seem to judge people just on one part of that person.

Now when I say I have bungee jumped, abseiled, it’s with shock. There again I am been categories that only certain people participate in some activities, and I must as Gay Man only does certain things. Yes I do have talents that are expected of Gay folk, but then some not.

Now it’s hard enough trying to battle this wonderful road called life, but please don’t define me only being a gay man. It’s just one part of me.

Go see ramblings of a supposed disease free mind My point of view on life and the world around me and his post IT’S SO GAY!

It describes how cruel words can be.

Back to my original question, are the pictures the same person?
Yes, but in different clothes. But we see them as be different…I am not defined by my clothes but how you see me in those photos of myself.


We do live as defining else and being defined by other. We are so much more….


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