Social media, not social!!!!!


Social media, it’s an amazing world we live in, or IS IT!

It started with texting, then maybe Facebook.

Now we have more and more social media sites at our disposal. We blog, Facebook, text, tweet, social date, post our photos, and and and ……

However have we forgotten how to relax without having a phone in our hands, a tablet, a laptop, but can we be social with other people, without the devices…


Do we lack social skills, can we talk in full sentences. Can we meet new people and date them even court them….
Or are we becoming a nation who shares all our news by, tweeting, Facebook, status updates, email… And blogging… However I think blogging is how we can write, vent, share our options behind a keyboard. We can be anonymous or not.


I am a texting boy, I have a twitter account but don’t tweet, Facebook but have all the privacy setting on, I am registered on a couple of the social media sites. Will be honest don’t always understand how to use them. However am I becoming a social unsocial person.


William and I have the iPads, iPhones, appleTV etc, we may have a problem as far as technology is concerned, however I have got into the habit of watching TV and using my Ipad or phone. We texted each other a dozen plus times a day, with the “find friends” app we can see were each other are. Is this healthy.

I must try to be more social without my social media…..

Now I have not been in the dating arena for a number of years, it scares me how people are meeting. This is my option as an outsider, it’s seems that you can meet people in your area, meeting all your requirements, and having seen the naked truth instantaneous. And this is done with some app on your phone, maybe I am old fashion, but I like the idea of dating, getting to know someone. I know there are other dating sites as well. But for someone who is newly out, and wanting to meet people, the peer pressure and social media sites must be overwhelming. But then maybe I am just OLD.


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