Weekend so far…


The best weekends are those you don’t plan. On Friday I was meant to meet one of the people I worked with for coffee/drinks. (I don’t drink), however due to other circumstances we both had to reschedule. I was relieved, I was exhausted from a very long week, not sleeping again….

So I get home after make a stop at the deli for some dinner. I get home and to my amazement dinner is done, a warm bath is waiting for me. This is not usual, or unusual. It’s just what I need. We both have had a very exhausting couple of weeks.

We started watching Scandal, but I must be honest, I was in bed and fast asleep by 8:30.

Today was a great day, we lay in the jacuzzi and I also had a swim.

We have a pool that can be used most of the year as its indoor. The only thing is the heating must be on for us not to freeze our assets.

When I swim our one cat runs around, not sure if she wants to jump in or me to jump out. Endless entertainment.
So it’s been a great day, just shutting off the outside world. I do have to go out tomorrow to collect Williams anniversary present. I cannot sleep so decided to do a blog and check my email.


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