So this next week, William and I have been together for 11 years. Now it’s just a date and a number. It’s also a personal issue, it’s just between us. Will not expand on this, as its just how our lives changed when we met. We don’t expect anything from our friends and family.

Now William is not the most romantic, or sentimental person, He does not always notice everything around him, not that he is absent minded. That’s William, however he has other qualities that out way all of this.

So each year we have not really made too much of this. That’s just us. William believes that each day you should be respectful towards each other and does expect the same. His argument is that why must you pretend for one day, that its a rosé garden, when the next it’s back to reality.

I must say that, it does not seem that it’s been the time it has been. All relationship have problems, difficult times, and the good bad ugly boring routine mundane exciting high and lows are in all our paths.

So in the past I have sometimes got things that we both like or I want, so this year I made it a point of getting something that I will not use or benefit from.
Below is what I have just collected.


We have a separate study, it has all built in cupboard desk and is very private from the rest of the house. This has become Williams, can I say MAN CAVE…..!!!!! We have a great leather recliner in there were I often sit and read on my iPad. However in essence this is William space. Family and friends know that if the door is closed, don’t enter. Its off limits to all…. Not that anything unsavory is happening, it’s were we keep all our papers, passports, its his castle, and it’s also were William goes to get away from me….

So I got him a office chair.
I did not expect him to be out of bed when I got back from the department store this morning, he usually sleeps in over the weekend. He saw this box and asked AND!!!! When I said its suppose to be a surprise for this coming week, I kid you not he had forgotten that anything special was happening this week.. So he has seen my surprise, and is thrilled. The old chair has seen better days.

What he were planning to do was go away for a couple of days. We discussed this at the beginning of the year, however we both have decided that we can better use the money for our savings account.

Off to read instructions and assemble the chairs… Ivan


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