Head Hunted!!!


Last year I did the unthinkable, I resigned from my job. A good paying job, but an unbalanced corporate company. I had been with them for 12 years. So I have been doing some contract work, and it’s great. However last week I got a text from my ex director, he left the unbalanced corporate company about a year before I did. He wanted me to go see the CEO of the company he works for. So today was that appointment.

I was nervous, I have met this CEO before but was still very anxious. We had a chat for about half an hour. Very casual, very informal. I was about to leave and he said ” well Ivan welcome on board”.

We just conclude my appointment, without a cv, no discussion on remuneration. I must finalize this with my ex director as I will be in his division. It’s very daunting, yet exciting. So next week I have another meeting. It’s an exciting venture, but so different from the corporate I did work for. This is a new challenge, as I will be working for the biggest leader in the industry. No wonder they are so successful, no corporate ladders with too many people with long elaborate titles….

I unfortunately will not be working on apple, but maybe that’s for home use only…. The initial position they wanted to discuss with me was not the position I was offered. Due to a unexpected resignation, I was offered a similar role that I had. Life has a sense of humor…..


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