So this year our one cat will be 12 years old, I got him as as a rescue. He was 5 weeks old and a very wild kitten. He was about 2 when he was in a bad fight with some other cat, and he was in the veterinary clinic for just over a week. He hates cold weather and will always be in front of the fire, or heater in the cold months. He is pure joy to have, he always goes and lies on William in the evenings when we watching TV.

Now the first picture on this entry, is of our latest child with four legs. Bella. She was also a rescue and I choice her as she was very poorly, and was on dire need of medical attention. She suffered from an eye infection, and had some trouble with her ears. For a good two weeks she was not able to open her one eye. It become a struggle for us to keep that open. Now she was also in a fight, with the neighbors cat, when she was just under a year old. Today she keeps to herself in the garden, and is has the mannerism of a dog. She follows you around and has a very naughty streak in her. Has fallen into the bath a couple of times, and her best place to sleep is the salad platter. She is so unique, she only drinks water from a glass!!!!!

See below picture.


I have always been an animal person, William not so much however Bella is his girl.

A home is complete if you can have a pet(s)’ that you are able to care for. A rescue pet, is not always easy, they may have suffered from a bad diet, or have been abused by the prior owners, or have been abandoned. But the love is unconditional. It completes you.

Bath time.



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