My alcoholic


So this is my story, about my partner who is an alcoholic.

This is a follow up on my prior blogs.

So we are in an unfamiliar place in the middle of the night, William has been in a bad fight, he is drunk, and also totally delusional. To me he was this stranger, someone I did not know.

We eventually left at about 6 in the morning, drive to the airport. I am numb, William is falling asleep then waking. This is the effect of alcohol, he was having blackouts. I manger to get him onto the plane and we fly home.

Once we get home, he goes to bed and sleeps for a good 14 hours. He does not rest as the alcohol had started early sighs of dementia.

Alcohol-Related Dementia (ARD) is currently the preferred medical term, and it covers the two main forms of alcohol induced dementia:

Alcohol (or Alcoholic) Dementia
impaired planning and apathy mimicking depression caused by alcohol’s toxic effect on brain cells

Wet Brain (Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome)
short term memory loss caused by a lack of thiamine (vitamin B1) due to alcohol abuse


In the madness that had engulfed our lives, I was trying to cope with my own life. I had a very pressurized position, and was in the middle of a special project. I escaped to my office, but After day 2, William phoned Alcoholics Anonymous. He checked into a rehab facility, the same day.
Now this place was not in the city, not full of celebrities, it was hard core.

During Williams absence I attended some AlAnon meetings. These are for partners, parents, children of alcoholics. It really helped me understand the drinking. The behavior of an alcoholic.


William never relapsed and it’s over 4 years since he last drank. The first year of him being sober was one if the most difficult years for us. However with the help of therapy, a complete change of lifestyle. Life is good, very good. It’s was you make of it.

So lastly who is am alcoholic. William has 2 degrees, a very successful career, comes from a very good family. The only difference is he cannot control his drinking, once he started his brain want more and more. Now he has two labels GAY, and ALCOHOLIC. As Lady Gaga would say, born this way..


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