Love vs Hate


I cannot sleep, my mind does not want to shut down:

With the world focusing on Oscar Pistorius freed, is the line between love and hate that fine?

I do not want to comment on the above, it’s just too bizarre, and one life has been lost. One too many.

If you really love someone, do you tolerate verbal abuse, physical abuse, sexual violation, or any nature of abbusive behavior. Lets take this one step further, are you abusing and beating up someone you love. It’s this love or a desire to control matters and act out on your own insecurities!

I can easily say to anybody get out of the relationship, walk away. Well it’s not always that easy, factor in money, children and the psychological state of ALL parties involved.

What I do want to say it that any form of abuse is WRONG, especially when grown men are beating up women, children and other men. If someone upsets you so much and leads to this anger, end the relationship, move on. Unfortunately that’s not reality.

It’s not that simple, it’s one of our modern day challenges to protect the ones who are too scared to talk, and those unable to speak, the children.

Any form of violation, physical abuse, mental abuse, sexual abuse and sexual violations on children, women and even men, is destroying our society. Love and Hate, two words how close are they related to each other!!!!!!!



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