Early morning shopping.


I did not sleep very well last night. We had a late night before, we watched Silver Linings Playbook. Was a great movie. So I kept on waking up and as I has let my iphone run flat, I had no idea what time is was. However at about 4:30 this morning, the one cat comes and wakes me. Food, water who knows why but each morning it’s the same routine. So I am up, now what.

So after checking my emails, and unpacking the dishwasher, and whatever I can do to pass the time. I decide to go and do the monthly shop. Now with it being a Sunday, the shop only opens at 8, however I remember that one a little further opens at 7.


I shower, head out and was back just before 8. William is still asleep. I had already unpacked all the packets when Mr. W. asked if I had put the coffee on.

Now I only got cleaning materials, cat food, bathroom toiletries, coffees, tea, dry groceries I think is what it’s called. I was shocked at how expensive it has become. I spend just over $200, £140. Now that excludes the monthly food groceries.

It’s becoming very expensive to run a home. I am pondering ways in which we could try to cut back on our monthly expenses.

Lastly, William only noticed that I had been out to the store now, he saw the new coffee. He is a heavy sleeper, so he did not hear me shower, go out, come back. Plus he is sometimes very oblivious to what is going around him. He lives in his own little world and I like that place a lot.


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