House Keeping


So I took Friday off, I had some errands to do and just needed a day out from the office.

William left early for work, but I was also up and started doing the laundry. We are very routine guys, William is very methodical and I am slightly compulsive obsessive. The towels have to be folded a specific way, hell it works for us, so don’t judge laugh all you want. I also decided to vacuum/Hoover all the carpets, lounge chairs etc. etc. etc. so my day off was actually rather busy, plus I had to go out for about two hours. This was so I could collect some reading material, on the other side of town, and drop it off close to our hood.

So today we both realized that we needed to just do a proper clean house. Luckily we are both very neat and don’t collect clutter. This does not stop a house needing a good clean. Linen was changed, bathrooms cleaned, kitchen cleaned, all the laundry done and tumble dried, packed away except for the shirts that need to go for ironing. William drops them off at a laundry service who will press them. Boring boring, but the house looks and smells clean. Took us about two and a half hours.

William joked that I am his domestic GODDESS, OR DEVILESS. Flirting get you nowhere. He still had to do his share. We do work well together when house cleaning is done.


A couple of years back I was given an apron, a Man Apron from some friends. In the summer we have an outside area were we can cook on the gas cooker, so the gift was very welcomed. However William said to me you can wear it and that alone and cook for me. Now, I am confident, but when it comes to been in the buff with only an apron, I was not so sure.

A couple of weeks later, William arrived from work, greeted me and went immediately to bath and turn on the computer. He was home a good half an hour before he saw that I was clothed only in that denim apron. I swear that man sometimes does not notice things in general. His response went something like this, “and this, hope you not cooking with oil” but he did take some pictures of me and there is a one clearly showing my white exposed ass. Not sure i will ever publish that…

Was a very good night, as I did not stop hinting that he never notices me, even when I am in the buff.

I have dared him to do the same, however the apron is for short legged people so he did look a bit odd as he is a tall guy. Got a good chuckle out of this.

I don’t recommend cleaning the house naked, not sure it hygienic, or safe for your bits and bobs.

This is a recent picture taken of me, hence the update on my profile. Ivan


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