Being the straight gay men!


This post may not be well liked by other gay people. However these are only my opinion and I am not judging anybody.

LGBT culture is the common culture shared by lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. It is sometimes referred to as “gay culture” or “queer culture”, but those terms can also be specific to gay men’s culture.

With the gay community, gay lifestyle, gay culture, subculture what ever you want to name it, we are many individuals. We are not all the same, I read the following blog rambling a of a supposed disease free mind
Food for Thought for Straight Guys , he mentioned that the perception was that we, gay men specifically, all ‘supposedly’ are able to find sex whenever and wherever we want it. Well that got me thinking. How are we as gay people perceived?


The above picture kind of speaks volumes. Now I am not going to focus on the gals, but the boys.. Gay men to be more specific.

There is a gay scene, of gay bars, gay clubs, gay resorts, gay holiday cruises etc etc. I was never really a boy about town, I did go to the bars and clubs. But I did not have a Gold Frequent Membership card. It was great and I did meet some amazing people for friendship and maybe more. However were do gay people go for social interaction, well gay places usually. I really enjoyed going out but was never part of the scene. That’s just me. Lots of my friends still go out to the bars, clubs social events, pride marches etc. Does not change who they are.

So within our gay village, we have many different people, some label themselves as, bears, cubs, queens, top, bottom, butch, fem, etc etc. I have no problem with that at all. That’s within the gay community. What does upset me, is that to the outside world, we are perceived in very different ways to what we are. William and I have chosen to be Monogamous, honest, trusting and treat each other with respect. I am fortunate that I am not in an abusive relationship. I am in a relationship with a person who is an addict, an alcoholic. William is sober, you can never be an ex-alcoholic. He has the disease of alcoholism. Now he is not a gay-alcoholic, or a bisexual-alcoholic. Or is he? To me he is partner with an addiction. Full stop.

So we also have the same issues any two people, that are in an intimate relationship. The only difference is our sexual orientation, my sexual behavior. Does my sexual orientation define me, well some times I feel it does. The outsiders, the ill informed and the media as well, have put us in a box, All gay people, girls and boys, are a specific way. Yes we may have lead to some of this perception, but don’t judge us all the same. Be who you are. The perception that “rambling a of a supposed disease free mind’ raised was so valid, that we as gay men have sex on speed dial is how we may be perceived. Well I never was given that number.

We all remain an individual. Ivan

I really think this picture below, also says more than words could.


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