Relationships part 2 of ?


So here is what I know about relationships. I am not an expert, have no formal training or degree! this is just my thoughts based on day to day highs and lows.

So when you meet that special person, you fall in love, or is it lust? Whatever it may be its picture perfect. That is until you or your partner, boyfriend, husband, get sick. There is something about men, all men, that when they are sick, it’s bad. Not for them but for the other person. When William is sick, he nags, has a pity party, and is very demanding. I on the other hand just want to be left alone and I am down right miserable, will snap for no apparent reason. I am sick.. So when you have those first couple of dates, prepare yourself for when the sick days arrive. It’s not that bad, I have obviously gone to the extreme here, but when you first meet, we forget that a relationship is the good and the not so good.

It may be unpleasant looking after someone when they sick, however that’s what it’s all about. Caring and putting your own needs aside for that person. One day they will do the same for you.


So this picture is maybe PG rated, but there is something I want explain. When you truly get into a stable relationship, you have to expose all of you, not only physically but the real you. When we started dating, I held back on the real me, I am very complex, were William went out of his way to show himself as the extreme bad boy. He does not like sugar coating anything, except things you can eat.
So you have to trust and be comfortable to be yourself 24/7 with that person and that includes how you look in the morning. Now when it comes to the “naked truth” I was so uncomfortable been naked with William. I would shower with the door locked, scramble for my clothes in the morning. Now physically there is nothing wrong, it was just that been so naked was as real as you can be with something else. Luckily now I can walk around the house with more confidence, when I am not clothed.
The second part of the picture is sex, yes that subject we all avoid. So you on date number three and you are full of lust, you hold back, date 4 arrives. Now this is the date that you will sleep over. Your body has been ready since date 1, but your mind is not so willing. I will be honest, the first time we got naked, it was a total disaster. Lots of fumbling, uncomfortable silence, and you just so unfamiliar. As time goes by, you discover each other intimately, likes, dislikes, and you both can feel at ease with each other. You have to be exposed 100% with each other not just have sex, but in all ways. Sex is a big part of any relationship, it’s not the only reason we got involved. We are very compatible sexually, and here I am not taking about sexual roles, but with each others needs and it’s magical to be with someone were you don’t feel guilt, ashamed, or regret after being with each other.

What I have learned, don’t take anything for granted, don’t get into a routine of having sex, make an effort. Wax, shave, cut your hair, bath, shower, it all helps, I realize that it’s not the first date, but always take some pride in how you look. Be comfortable, and sexy, it works for me. William always gives me a second look when I wear good underwear. Not the g-string, see thru lacy types, but those trunks, that’s use help your curves look dreamy. We are men who like men, use it. William has a way of wearing a pair of jeans and shirt, that just hang on him in a very casual way, but it’s just makes me take a look twice. It’s very distracting in a good way, when your partner sleeps only in underwear. That’s just him, he is comfortable been who he is with me. In winter it’s those sleep pants and a pull over top with some branding on. It just looks good on him. He has a way in how he walks, stands, he has a presence about who he is, it’s not over confidence, it’s that William like who he is well most of who he is. Confidence and someone who likes who he is, is very sexy. It’s not all about looks.

Money well lets pick that up tomorrow…

Later. Ivan


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