Daily ritual


I think after living together for awhile, you get into a routine, a pattern or whatever you want to call it.

Our lives are routine, and so are our schedules. However it’s become more of a ritual.

Each morning it’s that first cup of coffee, then I go and have a shower, William heads off to his bathroom and baths. He will occasional have a shower but he is a bath man. Now William does not lack height, and he is well built. He is a big man especially when he lays in that bath. It’s looks as if he does not fit in. Being short or short legged, I can lay in the bath. Not really something William can do with ease.

So the morning it’s bath, shower and then we off into the commute for the office.

However at night its a complete ritual now, to bath. I start the evening by having a bath, just lying in the tub and your entire body just seems to shut off.

William has brought this habit into my life, he always has a bath or a shower before bed. I am not saying I never showered before, but it’s now a ritual I look forward to. William is very pedantic about his bathroom. I cannot move anything around as its his haven, his space, his shrine.

Strange how after you have been with a person for a number of years, you take on some of the other persons habits. What I believe works for us in sharing a home, is we each have out own space. William loves his bathroom, and the study. I have learned to respect that each person is an individual and it’s healthy for you each to have your own space, emotionally and physically.

Sometimes it’s good to be on you own, knowing that in the next room your partner is also here. It’s very complicated keeping a relationship. One thing I know for sure, you both will not agree on everything. Your both will want to watch different movie, listen to different music, read different books etc etc. So maybe we need to stop forcing this issue of always doing everything together. We do not have an open relationship, on that we both agree. If that’s your thing and its works, who am I to judge.

Off to shower,



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