Money, money.


In any relationship, the matter of money is a factor. Don’t run away from this. It’s a reality.

Now you fall in love, move in, and then the honeymoon period is over. It’s not that you want the relationship to be over, but you are now comfortable with each and may get married, do a civil partnership. Or you just want to stay together as you have found “your person” someone who can witness your life.

You may lease/rent or buy a property together, a car, or any nature of a financial commitment. Make sure that this is in both your names, and it may be specified what percentage each partner is liable for. Don’t be fooled by love, and ignore this. In any relationship, you need to cover yourself. This is not expecting the worse, but it protects all parties concerned.

Now if you choice is move into one of the partners homes, that is in his name, you by law have no right to this asset should something happen. This may sound cold, money hungry, it’s is not any of this. If you truly love someone please ensure that if anything happens to one of you or worse both of you, your legal matters are up to date.

The last thing you need is to be homeless, without medical cover, or NOT have access to a joint bank account. It’s a cruel world, especially if you are in a same sex relationship.

We have a partnership agreement, that is an extremely complex, but very specific legal document. We also have last will and testament, that we updated about a year back. You may ask WHY? Well your life may change, you may have forgotten to update a policy, inherited some money, adopted a child, moved house, or ended your relationship. Make sure each partner has a separate, agreement and you can go so far and draft a joint document.

This may all sound very boring, but in the event of death, please ensure that you have ensured your loves one are taken care of.


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