To in a way this a follow up from the prior entry, how we got this home.

William and I have been living in my apartment for about three years, and one morning he just said that this will never be his home. Now this was just an apartment, it has spectacular city view, at night we could see all the city light. We were above the city and the view were magical. The only problem was, A: the place was not ours, it was mine B: we needed more space. We were spoiled that we both had our own bathrooms, but we only had one spare room. This would double up as a guest room, study and place we left all our junk.

So William and I both looked at a couple of apartments online, and I even went to a viewed Of one However we both decided that we would prefer a house. The list was simple, 2 bathrooms, a study, and guest room.

We decided on a Tuesday night that we were going to look for a house. William made one appointment for the Thursday to view a house that ticked all of the above, and that we could afford. The problem was that the real estate agent was very reluctant to set up this appointment. The house was not in her area, it was result of one of her sales and the sellers had listed this house with her so that could purchase the house she had listed.

Back to my story, she agreed with William to meet at a house she was viewing and from that house we would go see our ‘dream home’. So William being who he is, arrives 10 minted before the agreed time. But then me, being who I am, arrive slightly after the agreed time. I arrived at 3 minutes past the agreed time. William is a very specific, organized and attention to detail kind of guy. That one time he was glad I was late.

I expect William to be seething and give me a lecture about me being late. Instead he is waiting in the garden of this house, smiling talking to the agent. Now I am confused. Should we not be going to view our “dream home”.

The agent introduces herself, and says I will be with but I am just waiting for my clients to finish, then we can get on our way. William says go look at this house, and prompts me and the agent. He had already being taken on a “tour” of the house.

Just looking at this house, I knew we could not afford this house, its way too big for just two people, but according to William go look. Now because I was running late, and was expecting a bad reception, I am so confused I go look.

We never did go see that other house.

As I write this I am sitting in our study, in that same house, the house I just looked go look at

We over extended ourselves at that time, pushing all the resources we had into this house. Now 7 years later, I know that this house, actually our home was meant to be.


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