The letter I never send,

I am not a huge fan of V-day or as someone said Hump Day. But it was a good day. William did not get me anything, and that how we are. I did get him a small bag of Lindt dark chocolates and some candy. The little bag was a very camp pink, and the candy all had some pink in the wrappings or the actually candy was pink. Corny…..

However, the most important fact about this celebration of love, for me was that it was another day William was sober. We coming up to our anniversary in less than a month, and then William sobriety birthday. Being with someone who is an alcoholic, is not something I would have chosen, however love does not always work out to plan. There is still a stigma attached to the word alcoholic. And William is not homeless, job less, from a deprived community. He is just a person with this disease. Two colleague degrees, and highly intelligent man. Alcohol nearly took him away from me, and if he has continued drinking he probably would have landed up in hospital with life threatening ailments.

So today, I am so grateful, that you are still sober, it’s a daily battle, but a conscience decision you make to remain on this path. I will never know how difficult it is, but you are my hero. I just look at you and am in awe of you. Your determination, honesty, persevering nature, has made both our life’s so much better.

You did not get me a gift for The day of Love, and that’s okay. You love me everyday, don’t always agree with me, but you never fight with me, you respect me, honor me and treat me how I deserved to be, and you respect me. I try everyday, to not say unkind words, treat you with kindness, tenderness, and spoil you as that me. Above all we talk everyday about life, the cats, whatever we want to. We spend time together everyday. We may just sit together in the study in silence, but that is a very special gift you gave me. You like having me around. You have accepted my freedom to be an individual, to do things on my own. You trust me, and are always there to look out for me, should I not see the pothole in the way. You are faithful, as am I. We are not defined by each other, we are both men, and individual souls.

This may all sound very “Hallmark” or corny. However after nearly eleven years, we are comfortable with each other, and not complacent, we are still lovers, friends, and partners. We may not be married but our personal agreement that we did 7 years back, was our promise to each other to give this a change. Relationships work, some don’t. And even as there was no Valentines gift, I don’t need one, its just you and me. And today was another day spend with you. Thank you William for changing my world. Because of you I have become a better person.



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