It’s just another day valentine gay!


So it’s valentines day or gay again. Now I do not have the most romantic partner, however I am accustomed to that now. I did get a huge teddy bear one year, that was a rare occasion. However if I look back over the years, it does not upset me at all.
I think valentines day/gay, is very overrated. Now don’t all stop reading, hear me out. It’s very focused on us spending our money, or our available credit on overpriced merchandise.

If you do want to celebrate the day, great, it’s a good excuse to go all out and make your love/lust know. However what about the rest of the days ? Each day should be day you tell your partner, boyfriend, girlfriend, friends how you feel. Be honest, be brave, say it with conviction.

So to contradict what I have just said, last year I went to the iStore, and got a new iPad for William. My logic was irrational in getting this, however in retrospect his Ipad is used everyday and the initial iPad he had did not have sufficient storage. We are both apple users and have been fortunate to have our entire home office equipment converted to apple. We have the apple network setup, and have gone so far as to have has appleTV,s installed in the bedroom and TV lounge. Obsessive compulsive that’s apple.



Back to valentines, I have not bought anything or planned a special evening. The whole idea to me has been overshadowed with too much media, over dramatized advertising campaigns, and let be honest it’s damn expensive to get anything decent that is not a stuffed animal, or shiny wrapped red tasteless chocolates, does break the bank. I may be just cynical, or after been together for a couple years plus, the novelty is no longer appealing.

Now for people living in singleville, it’s a great opportunity to pursuit that someone special, or just get a good bonk. In fact it’s a good excuse for us all to some,

get a piece of ass—slang for sexual intercourse

get busy—slang for sexual intercourse

get down and dirty—slang for sexual intercourse

get freaky—slang for sexual intercourse

get into someone’s pants—slang for sexual intercourse

get it on—slang for sexual intercourse

get laid—slang for sexual intercourse

get lucky—slang for sexual intercourse

get paid—slang for sexual intercourse

get parallel—slang for sexual intercourse

get pie—slang for sexual intercourse

get plugged—slang for sexual intercourse

get some area—slang for sexual intercourse

get some nookie—slang for sexual intercourse

get some trim (or quim)—slang for sexual intercourse

And guys make an effort, get in that shower, and make sure you package the goods properly. For a great valentines gift wrapping, I recommend AUSSIEBUM,



And make sure you have protection. Enjoy

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