Gay Marriage, relationships, Gay Lifestyle.

The have been a number of blogs about same sex marriage, this last week or so.

Now I am not married, and do not see this happening in our future. Don’t get me wrong, I do not oppose marriage, I am fully supportive of same-sex-marriage. Should you want to adopt or have your own children, as a couple, the idea of a committed married couple is more acceptable. Yes society still has not fully embraced single parents. Fact.

Marriage is also a commitment, public, and private between two persons. Shared benefits and recognized by the law of many counties.

Now on a personal level, we decided not to get married, but did do a legal partnership agreement, this partnership is very similar to a marriage contract, plus our contract is based on an emotional partnership as well. This we did when we bought this house, so the house may be in both our names but should something happen to one of us the other person has full legal rights over all our joint assets, pets, etc etc. We do have a very simple will, that each other are the sole beneficiaries of. It may sound cold, business like, but it’s a reality. Many people do a pre-nuptial agreement, and a marriage contract as well. This covers all parties. So as much as we do support marriage for all, you do need to ensure that you get all your legal issues in order as well.
I read a blog this week, that does not believe in same-sex-marriag. We are all entitled to own opinion, what did get me was the reference to “GayLifestyle”. This person does not agree with our lifestyle. Are all of gays in the village living this same lifestyle. What is this lifestyle, please do inform me as well?

Now I know that the media does not always depict the gay community for what it really is. Yes they do high-lite the minority maybe of gay people, girls and guys. We do like our parties, pride marches etc etc. but that’s not what we are all about.

Some personal facts about myself, I have always been gay, never had sex with a women, I am a normal man, (stocky built)’ enjoy many things that lots of men do, and do not enjoy some things that Men do, ( I am not a sports fanatic), I can cook, so can many men who are not gay, I can assemble furniture from a box, I can change a spare tyre, there are lots of things I also cannot do. But I am labeled to be living a Gay Lifestyle. I do share a home with a man, but it’s a normal house in the suburbs were other professional people live with their children and spouses. Our house is not painted pink. In fact our house was built over 35 years back and not built for gay couple.

William and myself have enjoyed many parties, most with our ‘straight’ friends, we have also gone to some gay clubs and bars. We have been together now more than 10 years, and have been faithful for all that time. Our relationship does not revolve around, sex, pride marches, orgies, open relationships. Ours is based on two men who happen to enjoy being with guys, and are gay. It’s not just physical, it’s mental, emotional, it’s completed us as people.

William was married before, to a women. This obviously did not work out. So maybe based on that fact, is why we have not got married. Yes William was on the fence or bi, or whatever you want to call this. He was relatively young as well.

I fully suppose same-sex-marriage, but please don’t label me having a Gay Lifestyle. I have a choice, and that is to be with another man, and we lead a very boring life in the suburbs. But we like it that way.


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