to groom a man. Shaving, waxing, cleaning up the superfluous fur.


So do you or don’t you


Men’s grooming is a whole new thriving market, with clients from all walks of life. It’s actually not a Gay thing, but about appearance and simply self grooming and taking care of ourself from a cleanliness point of view.

Now I have a hairy chest that is very mildly hairy, if that makes sense. I keep it well groomed and shave it with a number 2 clipper head, every two to three months. I unfortunately have two areas on my back that have hair on. It’s two small areas, that have light colored hair, but it irritated to me and I am very self conscious of this. I have light brown to dark blond hair, so this hair on my back is not that noticeable. Well to me it is. I have this waxed or use hair removal clean. The rest of my body has hair but its fair colored hair. It’s those two small patches of hair on my back that I don’t like.

So now onto the next part of this blog;

Lets go south.


This is a very personal choice, but I do trim down south. I don’t have a forest, but your hair down south, gets how do I say this, rough, split ends, dry etc etc. Besides this, when you sweat it does affect hair so it’s good to trim below the belt. It’s not a sexual thing, but simple grooming. Some people do tend to go full Brazilian, and have the full wax of crack and sack. Now I have never had this wax done, it’s not something I have on my shopping list. All I can think of that it must be painful.

Lastly if you are engaging on oral sex, men and women, it’s so much better for the visitor to visit a well maintained area, and not a Forrest.



Images used from the web.

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