When will it stop!


When will it stop! Bullying has become epidemic not only with the youth, but across all ages. It’s not confirmed to any economic class, religion, creed, country etc. it’s worldwide. The sad part as that we do not take this matter seriously, or our trusted leaders in any position of authority do not fully comprehend the effects. I know I am generalizing and there are some great, amazing active causes, movements to stop this.

How often do we read that another person has taken their life or their life has been taken because of bullying. It’s across all social media sites, in the playgrounds at the workplace. Not only is it bullying with hate speech, but physical as well.

I get very sad when I read or hear that a child is subject to this, and has ended their life. How hard it must be for parents, to combat this behavior.

It’s not confined to gay people, black people, etc its targets at the different people, the people who are not the same as this bullies. Who knows what normal, but this sure is NOT.

The hardest thing for the victims, is to stop them becoming the perpetrators, that they will do the same to others.

This matter is very close to me, and I do try to ignore hate speech, however the media itself can be blamed for what they say and how consumers advertise.

As Ellen DeGeneres says ” be kind to one another”. See her be-kind-2-one-another-bracelet.


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