Al-anon meeting

I have mentioned in prior blogs, that William is an alcoholic. There is nothing to be us ashamed of. Alcoholism is a disease, just like diabetics is.

The only difference is that William is a recovering alcoholic. Been sober for 3 plus years. I would not wish anybody to be involved with an alcoholic. It’s not a pleasant path, however when an alcoholic does find recovery life can still be challenging, but rewarding. Actually it can be damn good, a whole new world is out there to be discovered.

Now after William went to AA, I joined Al-anon. (12step program for wife’s, husbands, partners, parents of an alcoholic) I originally did not want to go, but after a couple of meeting got a better understanding of alcoholic behavior, addiction and generally found that I needed to work on myself as well. I highly recommend any 12 step program.

This weeks meeting saw a family ( Mom,Dad and a son) join the meeting as there son/brother is suffering from alcoholism. Was sad seeing the pain and suffering of this family.

Got me thinking, alcoholics are from all walks of life and so little is know about this, it’s easy to judge, however on living with someone who suffered from this addiction it’s so difficult to understand. Sure I could have left, however when you fall in love, real true long haul commitment kind if love .with someone, it’s not that easy. William never lost his job, was able to function on a day to day level but its was insanity.

Also being Gay, does not always assist in recovery. There are not many good AA groups that facilitate gay people. Some of the Gay AA groups don’t deal with 12 step program, they were more interested in dating and running your life’s than making people sober. What ever works for you, let that be your goal.

Now after having to start dating someone after being together for 7years, was wired. You see the recording William was a different person. It’s was a rough 18 months after he stopped. There were times we nearly called our partnership quits. But with therapy and perseverance we can now see that we both needed to change the future and focus less on the past. Live today, in the moment. Its not always easy but I must say that I have never being this content, satisfied, and not searching for answers were I now have a healthy adult relationship.

As I witness Williams life and he mine, I will notice his life and he mine.

Ivan as I see it.

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