Mr. W!

20130127-095505.jpg. William and I on holiday.

You dream, fantasy, about meeting the right person. Or just being in a relationship.

So when you meet that person is it all you made it out to be. NO!

After a couple of months familiarity sets in, and if you are living together that 24/7 can be overwhelming. Small things annoy you, your space is invaded, your desire for a quiet evening may be interrupted with friends family. However it’s not all bad.

William and myself have learnt to respect each others individual personalities and we do not have to everything together. We also have our own private havens at home. His has become the study, his cave. After many disagreements, and being with us each other for many years, we realized that its okay to not talk but enjoy being each others company. We do many things together, meals, watching TV together etc etc. However what we also have found that works for us, is one person is responsible for the shopping for groceries, the other may take on other errands like looking after the pool and jacuzzi. So we both are involved in the running of the house, but don’t have to be joined at the hip. It does bring a closeness being apart and still be an individual in our own right. This does apply to meeting friends, but inevitably we are usually together. We are together as two guys who happen to like each other as friends, lovers and trust each other. We also do really love each other.
Now after being together for over ten years, we still are able to talk, be lovers and appreciate each other. It takes work from both of us.

Now when we go away its just the two of us. We don’t need other people to entertain us, we are content with just us.

Holidays are special but we do have a holiday once a week, it’s called Sunday.

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