We are not fully understood!


This week has been a long one, great one at that. Need to sleep this weekend as I am again battling to get a full nights sleep. One of the reasons we fell in love with the house we call home, are the bathrooms. Not how they look but that’s we both have our own bathroom. To me a bathroom is a private haven, a space you can escape to. I don’t like sharing this space, call me selfish. But it’s works for us. I am not saying we don’t share the occasion shower or bath together.

The starkness and simplicity of these spaces, have the calming effect when you lay in the bath after a long day. There is also something rather sensual and sexy about a shower. Don’t judge me!

I have been reading a book about addictions, specifically relating to gay men. It’s a great read, however I must say that the perception of gay men is very generalized. We are not all clubbing every weekend, drinking and taking recreational drugs. Sure, when I had my clubbing days, and did the whole gay party circuit. I did not have multiply sex partners, unsafe sex, and endless meaningless sex adventures. Sure I was no angel, and did enjoy singleville. I had great friends, gay and straight who I could have meaningful relationships with. I may be gay, but a unique individual. Sure there may the die hard clubbers, with there perfect gym bodies, and maybe they do take the occasional drugs and drink too much. They are still people and we cannot label them as being your
Type A Gay man.

In a prior post I have said that in the gay community we are make up of many different people. So there may be labels, fem, butch, bear etc etc. they are labels, they do not represent the whole gay village. The perception of gay men, is still very stereotype. We cannot have long term relationship, are not monogamous, I think you get what I am saying. The book also says we have no positive role models. What about Ellen, Neil Patrick Harris, John Barrowman, Anderson Cooper, Russell Tovey, Gareth Thomas……..

There are some great projects out there for all of us. We have taken a stand against bullying, coming out, equal rights, Jesse Tyler Ferguson great project that he is involved with. Maybe we have given the wrong message, or have we just being branded due to bad media coverage.

Off to have a have a bath…


Or maybe a shower…….. Save water shower with your a friend.


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