It is what it is!

It’s been a very exhausting week. I am busy with a new project. This is a very intense project, with lots of detail and very labour intensive. I am in my element, this is the kind of work I really enjoy doing.
William is back at work, but he is not having a easy time. Lots of changes and staffing issues. He is seriously thinking of leaving and pursuing a new venture. We may be moving cities or countries. Life is an adventure.

So I have to admit that we are Apple addicts, and have been following the hype about the new iPhone 5s launch. It’s about time we get more options about what color phone we can get. It’s now the waiting game and we both not the most patience of people. We are looking at having a wireless speakers system, installed that will work with the AppleTV,s. We really enjoy the music channels and tend to have this on when we not watching anything. It’s turning out to be a very complex exercise, not all systems are compatible with Apple and the ones that are, are pricey.

Family, still have not figured out why it’s so complicated. Number one family do not have to be your friend, and if you don’t see eye to eye so be it. We are having problems with a nephew we have. He is on the run from the law, but has listed his residence as ours. This we discovered after his post started arriving at our home. Today we got a visit from the “law folk” they have a warrant for his arrest. They not convinced he does not reside here, he did stay here briefly when he moved to the city. It’s turns out he may not be on “straight and narrow”, pardon the pun. This matter is rather serious, however when we did get hold off him, he just thinks its a big joke, and told us to chill. William has unfortunately now had to discuss this with his sister, and this is causing tension. It’s bull shit that we are expected to deal with this, and family drama. Family they are what they are.


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