Being Gay in the workplace:

Two years back I made a decision to leave my place of employment.

I had been employed there for just over 15 years and held a mid-senior position in management. I was very unhappy that after all these years the company was employing new staff, with non or very limited experience to take key portions. Don’t get me wrong I. Do encourage new people who are fresh and have lots to offer any employer. However as our industry was very specific and in its head day was one of the leaders in its industry. However the new staff been employed had no background tour industry, now if you need your car fixed you take it the dealership, not to the istore.

My point is you have to have some training, etc in the field you are working in if you are taking up amid to senior position.

I was working very long hours, weekends, from home and it was not worth it. I was loosing touch with own life, yet alone Williams. William was very understanding however it was straining our relationship. So after many sleepless nights, I did resign and served my 4 month notice period.

It’s now been over a year since I left, I have survived have been ale to put my life back on track. We send more time together at home, I am more healthy, have lost some weight, and am more content.

I have very limited contact with the company I worked for, out of choice. I had lunch this weekend one of the 4 people I am in contact with. The company employed a total of 3000 plus staff, in my division I had a total of about 280 staff that’s I was responsible for. So when I left I left all of this behind me. They were great people, and I do miss them, however they were not ‘house friends’. Plus when you leave it’s better to have no contact with people as its the only way of getting on with you life.

Back to lunch, she is also gay, and also going thru a bad time at this company. Are gay people treated differently in the work place. I am talking large corporations, small, self owner, etc etc.

We may have the right to get married, share health benefits,adopt children and the list goes on. However are we REALLY treated the same, remunerated the same. I am so tired of the hearing that all gay men are high picked drama queens, and that gay people all want to just have sex with straight people, we want special treatment. This is all bull shit! In the village of straightville there are any different people, as are the same in the gay village.

I think we all have a long way to go, people knew I was gay, I did not focus on that as what defined me as a person, in the workplace. The irony of it all I was at a friends birthday party one nights number of years back and in walked our deputy-chairman. He was on a date with one birthday boys friends. On seeing me, he was so shocked. He asked if I was here with my girlfriend as nobody knew he was gay at work. Eventually I introduced William to him and it was a very uncomfortable. At work it was worse, he avoided me or if i did have any contact with me was rude, and made sure I kept my professional distance. Sad. We from the same place, as Ellen says “be kind to one another”

Cheers Ivan

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