I really believe that your background and upbringing, language, what your families value system was when you were a child, culture, social skills you may have been taught, as a child can effect your adult relationships. These can be romantic, partnership relationships as well as social relationships.

I go one step more, what kind of relationship did your parents have, you and your siblings if you had any, and your relationships with extended family as a child growing up.

William and,myself has similar upbringings, however we also had extremely different upbringings if we look at the entire childhoods of each of us. Number one, his home language was not English, his mother never worked, she was not independent as she could not drive, and was not financially independent. We’re I was fortunate to be exposed to different cultures, were had open dialogue in the home and could express ourselfs, limited, but we could speak and be heard.

Now as an adult, the problem of Williams family trying to relate to me is very strained, they cannot speak English, or refuse to. They cannot understand that I am quiet and do not talk to total strangers in restaurants, malls, or any other place were the community is getting on with life in public places. I do not try to force conversation with people to me its rude, and I have no right to approach people without being asked. William is so different from his family, and this is now causing conflict.

His mother keeps asking what she did wrong? She cannot accept that her children are adults, and now that they all lead separate life’s. The relationship is very strained with William and his family, immediate and extended.

I am now becoming very resentful, as this is our home, respect it and don’t overstay your welcome.

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