A Gay alcoholic

I have been in a relationship for over 9 years with William, only the last three has William been sober. It’s been a long road. Not a road I would have chosen voluntary. However the outcome was better than the first day I met this person, my person.

William did attend AA meetings for nearly two years. But has now stopped and works the 12 step program every day. I think there is huge benefits with attending regular AA meetings. However all to there own. Also been a gay man he did not always feel that comfortable.

After William starting going to AA, I started going to Al-Anon, meeting for spouses and partners of alcoholics, sober, still drinking etc. this has helped me greatly to restore my own sanity and to discover that I was living with an addict. I could not stop my alcoholic from drinking. It’s hard to accept you are Gay, and an alcoholic. Life can still be cruel and discriminate.


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