It’s been a different, yet strange week. This week we said goodbye to some of Williams family who spend part of the holidays with us. It is exhausting having guests, family or other staying.

We have very rarely spend the holidays with both of us being home. Usually we were away or one or both of us would have worked during this time. We tend to take time off during the year.

So with no plans or anything scheduled, we just stayed home. We have been in our current home for nearly 6 years, and having moved from just over 1000ft2 to close to 3800ft2, we have accumulated a lot of Stuff. I am not a person who hoarded or likes clutter, but over the past three days we have seen that we have clutter of unused “stuff” we have accumulated.

So we each took a room, cleared out with the “six month rule”, if it has not been used, we can sell it, give it away, but de-clutter. The good thing is that as we both did this independently there was no heated discussions or ill feelings about what we are getting rid of. The bottom line it’s just material things we surround ourself with. Does it add value to our lives and those around us is the question. All to there own, my sister is a person who holds onto things for sentiment reason. Williams Mom is a fully qualified hoarder, and collects all kind of things. Now to me, there is a difference of collecting things that may interest you, like stamps, coins, art, watches, comic books etc and hoarding crap that clutters your space and your mind. I have this believe that your home, big, small, house, apartment, room should be your haven to recharge your soul, and be a home you can live in and a safe haven for you your friends and family.

Back to what I was trying to say, we have now cleared out most of the house and put all the things we don’t want into the the one garage. Listed most of the items on the web to be sold, and other items we can give to charities. Great feeling.

However what I have to face are the cold reality that We both accumulate electronic equipment. It was scary facing this. The money we have spend on things we no longer use or have really used. Don’t get me wrong I love great home appliances but to see all them in one space that we no longer use is wake up call.

The only exception that I have convicted myself that is acceptable is APPLE. We are both Apple “boys”. It’s addictive. However with the iMac, iBook,iPad, iPhone appleTV, time capsule, we can sync all the devices and the operating system is brilliant. It’s easy to access e-mails, twitter, Facebook, movies, photos etc etc from each device. So in conclusion did I de-clutter my space and mind or did I just irrationally convince myself it’s okay co collect apples!


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