Well the holidays are almost over.
During the holiday season, the focus seems to be on family. This would be perfect if all the family members got alone. My family live far from me, my sibling in another country and my folks a good two and a half flight plus am hour and a half by road. So logistically it’s not easy. We did all meet up a month before the holidays. It was a great time, as my sister and her husband had flown on for a three week vacation. I met up with them for a long weekend at a seaside resort.

My point is that not all families get on, however over the December holidays we seem to force this family reunion for the sake of the children, grandparents etc etc. the reality is it can be a very stressful period. My partners family and the extended family, do not get on very well together. This is due to past events and to be blunt, as adults the siblings don’t have much in common. This means we have to accommodate certain family members staying with us for the holidays as the entire family cannot be together. My mother in law does not understand why her children and the husbands, wife’s, partners and her grandchildren cannot all be together in one place. Past events have just proven that its just not worth it. Sad but at the end of the day why must we please all and sundry just for the holidays. What is the point?

I know family is important but we all have choices of who we spend time with. If we had our way we would have spend the entire time alone at home. No holiday travel stress, no family disagreements. Yes that is a selfish but after a very busy year, do we not deserve this.

As my partner is an alcoholic, and has been sober for three years this time of year is very trying.

We usually try to go away, I may go to my folks or have in the past just traveled overseas. This year we could not, but survived the family. After having house guests for nearly ten days we are now ‘alone at home’

It’s raining this morning, and I am usually am up early to let our four legged children out. The house is quiet, it’s so peaceful and to me this is what holidays are all about.

Wishing all a great year year ahead.

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