Al-anon meeting

I have mentioned in prior blogs, that William is an alcoholic. There is nothing to be us ashamed of. Alcoholism is a disease, just like diabetics is. The only difference is that William is a recovering alcoholic. Been sober for 3 plus years. I would not wish anybody to be involved with an alcoholic. It’s … More Al-anon meeting

Mr. W!

. William and I on holiday. You dream, fantasy, about meeting the right person. Or just being in a relationship. So when you meet that person is it all you made it out to be. NO! After a couple of months familiarity sets in, and if you are living together that 24/7 can be overwhelming. … More Mr. W!

A Gay alcoholic

I have been in a relationship for over 9 years with William, only the last three has William been sober. It’s been a long road. Not a road I would have chosen voluntary. However the outcome was better than the first day I met this person, my person. William did attend AA meetings for nearly … More A Gay alcoholic


I really believe that your background and upbringing, language, what your families value system was when you were a child, culture, social skills you may have been taught, as a child can effect your adult relationships. These can be romantic, partnership relationships as well as social relationships. I go one step more, what kind of … More Family


Monogamy is a tricky topic. Who wanted to slam the door shut on all sorts of interesting potential partners. Did I want to date and explore without the pretense of a monogamous relationship and avoid settling down. Yet all I wanted was to become someone’s person, who could witness my life and me there’s. I … More Monogamy


It’s been a different, yet strange week. This week we said goodbye to some of Williams family who spend part of the holidays with us. It is exhausting having guests, family or other staying. We have very rarely spend the holidays with both of us being home. Usually we were away or one or both … More Clutter,